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OK. so, here it is, my corner of the web, sorted into the following categories…


Musings and occasional rants to be found here, comments always welcome. Subjects can be expected to vary wildly, from health/NHS to anything that has caught my ire.

Photo Restorations

I have been restoring photos as a hobby and semi-professionally for the last few years, and the results of my efforts are collected in this section, with some comments. Please feel free to add yours, whether you admire or have suggestions for improvements.
If you are interested in making use of my services, please visit my companion website.

Random Photos

Taken with my Samsung Galaxy S3, scanned from me and my wife’s collection, snapped with instant cameras by ourselves and wedding guests, or captured with our Sony DSC-505, these are some of my favourite images and memories. Some of them post-processed, most of them untarnished.


I love maps. I can walk for hours around map stores and museum exhibitions, just browsing cartography books, map globes and map displays. I have even been known for losing track of time browsing Ordnance Survey maps at service stations along the M1.

Yes, it’s an obsession, but also a very fascinating hobby and I have over the last few years been fortunate enough to be able to indulge my cravings with the excellent Campaign Cartographer suite (hereafter CC3) from ProFantasy Software. I have used different mapping software packages as well, but for sheer quality, adaptability and flexibility, CC3 stands out from the rest without question. All IMHO, of course…

I intend to work my way through the CC3 Annuals, as a project to improve my map making skills, and results will be posted in this category.

Art & Graphics

In which section I display my ever increasing number of artworks of varying quality, all digitally designed and produced.

Android stuff

A collection of various Android-related articles, as per title.

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